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I/We certify that the foregoing information/statement are to the best of my/our knowledge; true, correct and complete; and I/We hereby agree that any misrepresentation of a material fact is a ground for cancellation of the transaction, or payment of penalties as the case may be. I/We agree to notify 8990 HDC of any material change affecting the information contain herein. I/We agree that all information obtained by 8990 HDC shall remain its property whether or not the purchase of the house and lot is consummated. This signature(s) appearing below is genuine.
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Approved by:
  1. Reservation Fee P5,000.00 for socialized at least P10, 000.00 for economic
  2. Equity Payment - After the payment of reservation fee, the minimum equity is
per month payable via PDC (see Section 6 on Postdated Checks).
2.1. The payment of equity installment shall commence 30 days after reservation date and every 30 days thereafter.
2.2. If the unit is not yet ready for delivery after the buyer had already paid the equity schedule, he may continue paying the installments of P10,000.00 per month until the unit is delivered.  In which case, the total amount paid prior to the delivery of the unit shall be considered equity payment and shall be deducted from the Package Price to determine the amount subject to the Deferred Payment Plan (see Section 5 on Deferred Payment Plan).
2.3. If the buyer’s GMI requires him to pay an equity greater than P10,000.00, the said equity shall be payable over a maximum period of 6 monthly installments.  However, in no case shall the monthly equity installment amount to less than P10,000.00.
2.4. Delay in the payment of equity installment shall be charged forty percent (40%) of the amount due which shall immediately be effective after the lapse of the due date until full settlement thereof
2.5. The buyer may opt, at any time, to advance the payment of equity.
  1. If the buyer fails to pay any installment on the equity for three cumulative monthly installments, the Option Agreement and all other contracts shall be considered as automatically cancelled and all previous payments shall be forfeited in favor of the developer.
  2. Should the buyer wish to extend the terms of the equity payment and the developer approves the same in writing, the buyer agrees to pay 21% interest per annum for the entire remaining unpaid balance until the same is fully paid.
  3. The initial basis of computation on equity stated above is the selling price.
  4. Postdated Checks - Equity installments, monthly amortization, and the CLI/FI premiums shall be covered by PDC, which shall be submitted by the buyer upon reservation as follows:
  • All required PDC’s for the equity. (at least three)
  • 46 PDCs for the next 46 monthly amortizations, inclusive of the monthly SRI/FI premiums for the next 46 months.
  • One (1) guarantee check representing one year of advance monthly amortization.
  1. Failure to issue the required postdated checks within the prescribed period shall automatically cancel the Option Agreement  and all appurtenant contracts without further need of notice to the buyer.
  1. Payment should be made directly by the buyer to 8990’s cashier so that he/she may be issued an official receipt. Payment entrusted to agents/Unit Managers, shall be the sole responsibility and risk of the buyer. It shall not be construed as effective payment to the company but rather only a private transaction between the buyer and the agent/Unit Manager, of which the Developer shall not be liable in case the payment is not remitted by the agent/Unit Manager.
  2. Complete requirements should be submitted upon reservation; otherwise, the developer may cancel the account due to non-compliance of requirements.
  1. 8990 Housing Development Corporation reserves the right to rectify the figures appearing herein or on the Official Price List and brochures in the event of typographical error, changes in lot area or any unintentional error that may occur. The developer also reserves the right to change the prices without prior public notice.
  2. Reservation fee and equity payments are non-transferable and non-withdrawable.
  1. The buyer cannot sell, transfer or assign any of his rights under the contracts and agreements executed with the developer to another third party without the prior written notice and consent of the developer. However, the buyer agrees that the developer, without need of further notice and consent from the buyer, may sell, transfer, convey, hypothecate, mortgage, sublet, license, encumber or otherwise merge, consolidate or pool said contracts and agreements with the buyer with any other financial instruments and assets for securitization, whether absolute or limited, and assign them to any of the developer’s assignee/transferee or its successor-in-interest at any time during the term of agreements. To this end, the buyer agrees to perform such acts and execute such documents as may be necessary to implement such assignment/transfer.
  1. Violation of any provision mentioned herein is a ground for a cancellation of reservation and forfeiture of all payments made.
This certifies that I have completely read the guidelines, understood fully their meaning and freely agreed with the contents stipulated herein.