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Home buyers differ in their preferences and needs. Now, that you’ve decided that the condo is perfect for you, it’s time to choose, which type of ortigas condo units is best suited for you.

ortigas pasig condo units

Condo Unit Floor Area = 35.57 sqm.

2 BR condo

Unit Floor Area = 30.60 sqm.

condo 2 bedrooms

Condo Unit Floor Area = 35.57 sqm.

Considerations for Buyers

  • Consider your space requirements. Will the number of occupants remain the same through several years? How many are you in the family? You may need a bigger unit, or several units. Are you a minimalist and detest clutter? Or, perhaps, you need and own a lot of stuff that require storage?
  • Take into account your budget. How much do you earn each month? Do you have savings to cover for the cost of this housing investment and other living expenses? Ask about the selling price and payment terms and options available for financing.
  • Do you prefer higher floors for the views and for the feeling of being above all else? Or, perhaps, you feel safer to be on the lower levels, and prefer stairs than elevators?
  • Does orientation matter to you? Some prefer units facing the sunrise, while some would like to have a view of the sunset. Others consider avoiding direct heat from the sun, thus choose North or South facing units.
  • Are you buying a condo plainly for investment? Who are your target buyers or renters? What could their preferences be? How much could they afford?

Home or condo unit selection is personal. Each of us has our own budgets, needs and wants.

It’s best to seek advise or help in the decision process. For one thing, there’s also the issue of reality that SUPPLY IS LIMITED. This means someone also desires the unit you prefer.. DEMAND for Urban DECA Homes Ortigas is high because of its proximity and other positive qualities. So do check with us to inquire or set an appointment. Use the message box below.

Thank you!

The 2 bedroom units are intimately sized from 30 to 35 square meters in area. Thy are perfect for singles and newly weds requiring an added room for home-office, hobby studio, or guest room. Small families will find more use for the 2nd room though.

The 3 BR units, of course allows for more occupants and uses, with 42 sqm. floor areas. What if these are still not enough? Buy multiple units. Just hurry to ensure adjacent units are still available.

There’s ample space for a kitchen, toilet & bath, living and dining areas.

Finishes and Furnishings

The condo units are practically finished when delivered, ready to live in, except for your personal furnishings and appliances. This means that the surfaces are already either painted or tiled. Views and natural light can be enjoyed through the aluminum awning windows. Appropriate doors are installed: water-proof PVC for the T&B, wooden panel for the main door and marine flush ones for the bedrooms. The T&B comes with a telephone shower, on top of the usuals. Outlets and line provisions are installed for electric appliances ( aircon, lighting, etc.).

For a more complete breakdown, you may refer to the table below. You may get more specific, and detailed answers to your queries by sending them using our message box below.

Specifications Table

condo specs
condo specifications
condo 3 bedrooms

Unit Floor Area = 42 sqm.

condo 3 BR

Condo Unit Floor Area = 42 sqm.

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