Why Buy Real Estate Now

We’re in the midst of a pandemic and the economy is at its worst in years. It surprises many, but people do buy real estate during a crisis. The graphs below can help better illustrate and explain why they do? The yellow line represents the GDP growth of the Philippines or indicates its level of […]

green home and biophilia

Green Home and Biophilia

Homes, be it in a vertical condominium or in an expansive subdivision, shelter and support life. Green architecture and sustainable development have proven to be more than just lifestyle fads. One’s well-being has taken on the spotlight these days, and in this post, we’ll tackle one not-so-difficult way homeowners can avail and enjoy it. One […]

guide for making the right choice

Home Which Home: Guide for Making the Right Choice

A home is where we shall spend much of our lives daily in much of our lifetime, and maybe that will also be so even for our children. The home is also, commonly, the biggest expense one makes. Buying a home is like making the right investment: you pay a price, and expect it to […]

virtual meetings

Continued Connectedness Via Virtual Meetings

Video conference Apps, Tools and Tips Lives and livelihoods need to go on even with the pandemic imposing physical hurdles.Everyone is advised to keep distance or to isolate as safety comes first. People, however, are social beings, and the need to interconnect and communicate are also vital. Thanks to technology, we are equipped and enabled […]

Housing Loan Approval Tips

Not everyone who applies for a housing loan, get the approval they want. There are ways, though, that can bring up your chances to obtain a “yes”. One can relate the process to courtship. One needs to show his best self, but his best self should match and pass the desires and criteria of the […]

real estate industry

Real State and Optimism in the Nation’s Real Estate Industry

Amidst the lockdown, the spirit and atmosphere that prevail in the real estate industry in the Philippines is of pragmatism and fear on the present, and hopefulness and eagerness to bounce back on the future. Industry analysts from Colliers International and Santos Knight Frank Santos have chimed in on the data from Oxford Economics. And […]

taxes and fees

Taxes and Fees in Home Ownership

No less than the great Benjamin Franklin said this: “…but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  Can we then say as well, that we should be at home with taxes? If we can’t avoid them, we should learn about them: what they are and how much should they cost […]

home ownership

Acronyms to Home Ownership: LOI, RA, CTS, DOS, TD, AND TCT

We learned to read after our mastery of our ABCs. Before you get to own your new home. You need to master a series and combination of letters, and what they mean: LOI, RA, CTS, DOS, TD, and TCT.  L.O.I. – Letter of Intent It’s a letter written by the buyer signifying interest in the […]

real estate broker

Licensed Real Estate Broker – Do I Need One?

Do you go to any healer or to an M.D.? Buying a home may not be question of life or death, but consider what you’re risking or staking could weigh or mean a lifetime of hard work and experience that could either be good or bad. The question in the title, can best be discussed […]

ortigas pasig condominium

Home Developer’s Story

8990 Holdings, Inc. (HOUSE) is a one of the fastest growing and most recognized home developers in the Philippines. It has helped realize the dreams of thousands of hardworking Filipinos by developing home products that are affordable. The mass housing developer, unknown to many is formerly IP Converge Data Center, Inc.. It started out as […]


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